Creating Spaces @ PIT, June 5

Posted by Selina Schepers on Monday May 30th 2011 at 11:46

The first prototype of our new multi-touchsystem will be shown this Sunday at the opening of ‘PIT’ which is the first exhibition of Z-OUT (Z33) in Borgloon. This event will take place at the Stroopfabriek where a large 42 inch LCD multi-touchtable is placed to experiment with. This table will only be present at the opening but, during the exhibition, there will be a 23 inch multi-touchscreen for quick consulting at the touristoffice and  the ‘old’ multi-touchtable will be present in the library of Borgloon for more in-depth exploring. More information about the exhibition can be found here.

Mapping a Euregional platform for fashion

Posted by Selina Schepers on Friday May 20th 2011 at 10:21

On 13/05/2011 Social Spaces organised a mapping session at the i_beta/event 2011 (*) in Heerlen (NL). During the mapping, the participants were asked to map a Euregional platform for fashion.

The mapping sessions at the i_beta/event 2011 consisted of three rounds. There were three groups, each lead by a moderator who facilitated the sessions. There was also an overall moderator, who gave a short presentation on what MAP-it is and kept track of time during the mapping. In the first round of the session, the groups were asked to choose three values that would be represented by their own platform for fashion, to indicated the key people involved in their platform and to point out important knowledge, activities and tools. Next, the participants of each group had to ‘lock’ three elements that they found important in their map. In the second round of the session, the three presenters (chosen by the participants of each group) moved – together with their map – to another group. The other group had to ‘bomb’ elements of the map that they did not like. The also had to provide solutions, alternatives or opportunities. Finally, the participants of the other group had to ‘like’ several elements that they thought were interesting. In the third round, the presenters – again, together with the maps – moved once more to the third and final group. Here, the activities of the second round were repeated. Finally, the groups presented their maps to everyone.


See below for the results of the mapping session!

NIVA TO NENETS working period in Kronstadt

Posted by Selina Schepers on Tuesday May 3rd 2011 at 11:47

Rosanne van Klaveren has been working as an artist in residence at Cyland in Kronstadt, near St. Petersburg, for her project NIVA TO NENETS, which is part of her PhD in media art. NIVA TO NENETS is an interactive roadmovie in which the artist drives her beloved Lada Niva towards the Nenets Autonous Okrug in the Russian Federation, to give it to a nomadic reindeer herding family to support their livelihood. The Russian National Center for Contemporary Art (NCCA) invited her to work here for a couple of weeks to work on the organisation and production of this project.