Kick-off Event CUO | Social Spaces on 27 November

Posted by David Geerts on Friday October 26th 2012 at 13:31

As part of the integration of the KU Leuven and its university colleges, the Centre for User Experience Research (CUO, iMinds) and Social Spaces (MAD-Faculty) have merged into a joint research group called CUO | Social Spaces. In order to celebrate this new joint research group, we invite you to this first of two events on Tuesday 27 November in Leuven. A combination of interesting speakers and practical workshops will give you a glimpse of the topics our group is working on.

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Detailed programme:

Welcome reception

Introduction by David Geerts

Keynote: Marianna Obrist
The Enigma of User Experiences:
How Memories Shape our Relationship with Technology

Interactive technologies have faded into our environment and have become an essential part of our everyday life (e.g., work, leisure, education, health, etc.). Our knowledge about how people really experience this invasion is still limited in order to steer design and development decisions. In particular the shift from pure usability towards user experience (UX) research challenges academia and industry practices. This talk will focus on the experiential aspects when interacting with technology, providing examples from different contexts and domains. In particular, the talk will bring to the fore the need for recognizing and exploring nuances of user experiences as a necessary step for designing for an overall positive experience. Although there is already a lot of knowledge on how to design for UX itself, Marianna Obrist will argue for the need to study memories of experiences in order to design better user experiences.

Marianna Obrist is a Marie Curie post-doc Fellow at the Culture Lab at the Newcastle University, UK. The focal point of her research is on user experience (UX), UX studies, methods and evaluation. Over the last years, Marianna was Assistant Professor in the HCI & Usability Unit of the ICT&S Center at the University of Salzburg, Austria. She holds a doctoral degree in Communication Science from the University of Salzburg. More information on her research can be found on her website

Workshop UseWell: Roadmap to User-Centered Design

In the Usewell project CUO | SocialSpaces, together with project partners from industry, developed a Human-Centered Design toolkit for small companies or organizations. The toolkit contains an essential selection of techniques for creating innovative and usable products or services. In this workshop you will get to know our toolkit by applying it to your design questions.

Food and drinks

Hack-a-Thing, FabLab Genk

Posted by Selina Schepers on Sunday October 7th 2012 at 10:59

From 3rd June – 7th October 2012, Design Hub Limburg presents “THE MACHINE – Designing A New Industrial Revolution”. This interactive exhibition, is accompanied by an extensive program for a diverse audience, including: a fashion workshop by DSGNRMRKT, a broad introduction into 3-D printing and a networking event. The concept of “THE MACHINE” shows how new machines influence our society.

In this context, FabLab Genk organises a series of workshops on the hacking of everyday appliances and electronics.

The first workshop series, which took place on 7th and 8th July 2012, was organised in close cooperation with the youth of Genk. It was an introduction to electronics and technologies like Arduino, lasercutting, etc. The aim of this workshop was to hack everyday objects, things and appliances and – in the setting of FabLab Genk – give them a new use. And last weekend, approximately 20 youngsters, electronic-fans, code doctors and hack-fanatics came together at FabLab Genk (INTERREG-IV) to hack a thing!

Opleiding Human Centered Design voor intuïtieve mens-machine-interactie

Posted by David Geerts on Friday October 5th 2012 at 13:34

Bent u op zoek naar bruikbare methodieken om uw ontwerpproces beter af te stemmen op de gebruikers? Verwerf dan een gestructureerd inzicht in het ontwerp van gebruiksvriendelijke interfaces (zowel soft- als hardware) en volg de opleiding:

Human Centered Design voor intuïtieve mens-machine-interactie

Kortrijk en Leuven (via videoconferentie)

14 sessies vanaf donderdag 21 februari t.e.m. 13 juni 2013, telkens van 18.00 tot 21.30 uur.

Schrijf in vóór 15 februari 2013.

  • U verwerft inzicht in de manier waarop een gebruiker met een toepassing omgaat en u leert hoe u de behoeften van de gebruikers kan onderzoeken en analyseren.
  • U krijgt een gestructureerd overzicht van praktische technieken voor het ontwerp van goede interfaces.
  • U bent nadien in staat om deze technieken concreet zelf toe te passen, van gebruikersanalyse, over conceptueel ontwerp en prototype tot detailontwerp.
  • U leert op een kritische manier gebruikersinterfaces evalueren.
  • Wanneer u actief participeert aan de praktijksessies en nadien hierover een beknopt individueel rapport schrijft met reflectie van het geleerde op de eigen werksituatie, kan u een getuigschrift van permanente vorming uitgereikt door de KU Leuven ontvangen.

    Lees meer op de website of download de brochure.

    Alle info & inschrijven:
    Postuniversitair Centrum
    KU Leuven Kulak
    Tel. 056 246184 · Fax 056 246998

    Hack-a-Thing light – FabLab Genk

    Posted by Katrien Dreessen on Friday October 5th 2012 at 11:24