Oproep tot deelname aan workshop Design op Maat

Posted by Jessica Schoffelen on Wednesday December 17th 2014 at 16:26

Poster-DoM-ENGIn kader van het onderzoeksproject “Design op Maat – Open tools voor self-care en self-management bij diabetes type 1” organiseert Social Spaces een open workshop.

In deze open workshop wil Social Spaces geïnteresseerden vanuit verschillende achtergronden samenbrengen om op basis van inzichten die in het project zijn opgedaan nieuwe mogelijkheden te verkennen rond het gebruik van self-care tools in de publieke ruimte. De inzichten uit de workshop worden verder verspreid zodat de levensduur van het project kan doorlopen na afronding van het project in maart 2015.

Meer informatie over deelname aan de workshop vind je de folder.


Field study concludes the PICASSO-Tx design

Posted by Bert Vandenberghe on Wednesday December 17th 2014 at 16:09

Yesterday, we visited the last transplant patient that participated in the PICASSO-Tx field study. Over the past year, we designed the PICASSO-Tx system and web app together with patients. The end result is a combination of a step counter, a smart weight scale, a smart pill box, and a web application that visualizes the gathered data to the patient. We already tested the web app in our lab, but we were interested how the technology would work out at home, and how patients would experience the system using it for some time.

Over the past two months, we visited 20 patients and installed the PICASSO-Tx system at their home. We then instructed them on how to use the system, and asked to use it for two weeks. Then, we visited them again to interview them on their experiences while using the system. The first results look promising, the patients found the system useful and easy to use.

This field study concludes the design phase of the PICASSO-Tx project, and our role in the project. Now, the PICASSO-Tx system will be given to patients in a RCT (Randomized Controlled Trial), to study whether the PICASSO-Tx system is effective in supporting patients with the self-management of physical activity, healthy eating, and taking medication.

The NXT_SLEEP project in 3 minutes

Posted by Bert Vandenberghe on Friday December 5th 2014 at 16:13

This video explains the motive, results, and future steps of the NXT_SLEEP project.

NXT_SLEEP focuses on the development of a next-generation sleep monitoring platform from iMinds on Vimeo.