Vroeginterventie bij riskant en problematisch internetgebruik

Duration: 01/01/2014 – 31/12/2014 (Social Spaces)

Project Description:

This project – a collaboration between Social Spaces and the department for Sociaal Agogisch Werk at KHLim – aims to develop methodologies and strategies for early intervention in problematic Internet use by youths. Paradoxically, the Internet itself, and specifically different social media, will be used to facilitate these methodologies and strategies. By means of a literature study, complementary MAP-it sessions and co-design sessions, we will develop an app or a website that can be used within the context of problematic Internet use. Running investigation and the social tendency toward more intense Internet use, forecast an increasing call for support concerning the risk for Internet addiction. When prevention strategies are no longer sufficient and specialized aid is not yet indicated, early intervention can be a useful assistance for youths with increased risk for addiction.

The existing MAP-it technology will be revised so it can be a useful tool to explore different perspectives towards problematic Internet use. During the MAP-it workshops, we will collect all stakeholders’ views, from youths who don’t see a problem in their Internet use (yet), over concerned parents, to social workers. Based on these sessions, we can give an overview of the issues, of existing methods and strategies to deal with these issues and we can start the development of a new strategy.

MAP-it is an open source tool, which means it can and should be used by many different researchers and organizations. Following this idea, Social Spaces sees its collaboration with Sociaal Agogisch Werk as a way to transmit its experiences with the tool. Therefore, Social Spaces will only be part of this project during the first year. After developing MAP-it within the context of early intervention in problematic Internet use, and getting other researchers acquainted with the workshop techniques, the role of Social Spaces in this project will be reduced to a minimum, since it is mainly methodological.

Team members from CUO | Social Spaces:
Jenny Stieglitz

Project partners:
research group Social Spaces (MAD-Faculty)
department SAW (KHLim)
department GEZ (KHLim)
department IWT (KHLim)
VAD werkgroep gokken en compulsief internetgebruik

Vlaamse Overheid, Projectmatig Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek (PWO)


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