Project: September 2013 – August 2017
CUO involvement: September 2013 – March 2015

Project description:

The PICASSO-Tx project plans to develop and test a self-management intervention with or without interactive health technology option (depending on the patient’s preference) to support medication taking, physical activity and healthy diet in adult kidney, liver, heart and lung transplant patients.


CUO is involved in the project to apply the user-centered design process in the design and development of the user interfaces, because the success of interactive health technology applications depends on whether both patients and professionals will find the application useful and easy to use. First, a field observation study will learn us how transplant patients manage their health today. Then, the user interface will be designed through iterative prototyping. A field usability study will wrap up the design phase, after which a medical trial can start.



Team members from CUO | Social Spaces:

David Geerts
Bert Vandenberghe

Project partners:

Principal investigators:

Prof. Dr. F. Dobbels & Prof. Dr. S. De Geest (University of Leuven)


UZ Leuven: Prof. Dr. L. Dupont, Prof. Dr. D. Kuypers, Prof. Dr. D. Monbaliu, Prof. Dr. F. Nevens, Prof. Dr. J. Pirenne, Prof Dr. D. Van Raemdonck, Prof. Dr. G. Verleden, Prof. Dr. J. Vanhaecke

KU Leuven: Prof. Dr. T. Troosters (FaBeR), Dr. D. Geerts (CUO)

KHLeuven: Dr. P. De Mazière (Department of Health and Innovation)

External experts: Prof. Dr. A. De Vito Dabbs (University of Pittsburgh, US), Prof. Dr. D. Hughes (Bangor University, UK), Prof. Dr. B. Vrijens (University of Liège & Aardex)


bijzonder onderzoeksfonds KU Leuven (OT project OT13/101)



Recent activities:

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