Duration: 2014 – 2016

Project Description:

Sustainable weight loss can only be achieved through a combination of healthy eating habits, sufficient physical activity and (ongoing) motivation. The purpose of the b-SLIM project is to develop a digital ‘Super Coach’ which will monitor all these factors in a fully automated manner. Tailored advice will be generated based on data mining from the gathered mental and physical data. As an additional incentive to motivate users to maintain a healthier lifestyle, the Super Coach will also provide an individual avatar, which gradually visualises weight loss, and an online community bringing participants together. Moreover, the (food) purchasing behaviour of users will be monitored and adjusted if necessary.

CUO | Social Spaces will involve potential end-users of the Super Coach as well as nutritional and activity experts throughout the design and evaluation process. This way CUO | Social Spaces can identify their problems and needs to ensure that the b-SLIM framework and applications match the world of experience of overweight and obese individuals.

Team members from CUO | Social Spaces:

Arne Jansen, Maarten Van Mechelen, Karin Slegers

Research groups:
iMinds - CUO
iMinds – STADIUS
iMinds – Vision Lab
iMinds – MIC
Physical Activity, Sports & Health Research Group (KU Leuven)
Department of Public Health & Primary Care (KU Leuven)

Industrial partners:



Recent activities:

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