NOSE is working on software that combines 3D scanning, statistical modeling and rhinoplasty simulation techniques in a single application. NOSE optimizes surgical planning and simulation as well as the interaction between surgeon and patient.

The nose is one of our major features. A nose deformity or being dissatisfied with one’s nose can lead to a lower quality of life. Rhinoplasty may be the answer in such cases, but patient satisfaction is crucial. Satisfaction can be improved by better communication of expectations.

The project focuses on both the physical and psychological aspects:

  • - The correlation between clinically significant nasal features and 3D models;
  • - The impact of various methods of treatment;
  • - Ways to improve the communication between doctor and patient with the help of interactive simulations.

In NOSE we will investigate the patients perspective on nose features and communication of expectations/wishes and possibilities. Patients will be actively involved in the creation and UX evaluation of interface prototypes for simulation software.



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Team members from CUO | Social Spaces:

Wim Verhavert

Arne Jansen

Jan Derboven


Project partners:

Research groups: CUO, KU Leuven; MIC, KU Leuven

Industrial partners: UZ Gent, UZ Gasthuisberg, Nobel Biocare Belgium – MedicimCentrum voor Cranio-Faciale Epithetiek