Sharing is Caring. Documenting design to trigger participation

Duration: 2011 – 2015

Project Description:

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This phd research explores how to enable design teams to document their project and share them with broader audiences. With this in mind, this research relates to an open philosophy. Currently, design is mostly documented and shared in a materialistic way, e.g. via sharing source codes or digital blueprints, sharing functionalities of a design and instructions on its development. However, this research explores how to document and share design in a more generative way, sharing its meanings and perspectives that different people hold on the design. A documentation kit is developed to map these meanings and perspectives, and also an online platform to share this documentation of design projects to a broad audience. The online platform aims to support the sharing of design projects to enable other people to re-use the knowledge and designs that are developed within a project into another project, adding to it, altering it, reconfiguring it and so on.

Team members from CUO | Social Spaces:
Jessica Schoffelen

Supervisors: Liesbeth Huybrechts (Social Spaces, MAD-faculty/KULeuven) and Oswald Devisch (Arck, Faculty of Architecture and Arts/UHasselt)


LSM – Limburg Sterk Merk


Schoffelen, J. and Huybrechts, L. 2013. “Sharing is Caring. Sharing and Documenting Complex Participatory Projects to Enable Generative Participation.” Interaction Design and Architecture(s) Journal: Special Issue Culture of Participation, Accessed February 28 2014,

Schoffelen J., Huybrechts L., Braspenning L., Schepers S.: Making and reflecting via playful design representations, in Proceedings of the conference ‘Knowing (by) Designing’ at LUCA, Sint-Lucas School of Architecture Brussels, Luc, Gent/Brussels, pp. 685– 693, (2013).

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Huybrechts L., Schoffelen J.: How MAP-it mediates “making things public”. In: Proceedings of PDC 2012, Roskilde University, Denmark, (2012)

Recent activities:

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