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Rosanne van Klaveren researches the notion of togetherness within participatory practices in order to overcome the us-and-them dichotomy that is often a handicap in community art. Artistic and creative expression can stimulate a temporary feeling of fellowship during the act of participation that narrows the distance between the artist and the community s/he is working with. Although a similar feeling is often aimed for among the community members, as is for example a common goal in community work, this presentation explicitly focuses on the relationship between the community members and the artist as an outsider. Van Klaveren will also introduce the two projects she is working on during her PHD: FOOD RELATED, an online platform that unites the Arctic peoples through their food and food habits (, and the interactive roadmovie NIVA TO NENETS in which she drives her Lada Niva to the reindeer herding Nenets in the North of Russia as a gift. Working with indigenous communities helps to tune into the dichotomy and to map out certain aspects to overcome. The differences in the approach and features between the platform and the roadmovie provide a rich research practice, valuable for both the arts and anthropology.

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