TRADERS: Training art and design researchers in participation for public space

Duration: September 2013 – Augustus 2017

Project Description:


TRADERS focuses on developing and testing a methodological framework on which art and design (A&D) researchers can rely when working on public space projects in participatory ways. This framework is transferable and aims to enhance the potentials in A&D practices to contribute creatively in processes of changes in public space and branches related to the public space, such mobility or health. The framework will inform and will be informed by a toolkit. For coherence in the training, Hasselt-Genk will be the anchor case area on which the ESR researchers work together. TRADERS will cooperate with Z-OUT: a centre of expertise on art, design and architecture in relation to public space.

To assure the adequacy of an A&D research project, five complementary research foci are covered that correspond to the methodological framework and entail innovative research topics on participation for public space: Intervention (Faculty of the Arts (KHLim, LUCA, KU Leuven), research group Social Spaces), Play (University of Gothenburg), Multiple Performative Mapping (Design Academy Eindhoven), Data-mining (Royal College of Art) and Modelling in dialogue (Chalmers). A sixth focus will be on the development of a meta-framework allowing these research foci to communicate and collaborate (ASRO/KU Leuven).

To bundle the strengths of different disciplines to commonly approach other non-A&D disciplines and sectors, every participant will work in a partnership with a public or private organization, offering a research and training environment to the researcher and ensuring that his/her research project has a practical and use-oriented focus.

Website: TRADERS website

Team members from CUO | Social Spaces:
Liesbeth Huybrechts, Selina Schepers

Project partners:
Faculty of the Arts (KHLim, LUCA, KU Leuven), research group Social Spaces
University of Gothenburg
Design Academy Eindhoven
Royal College of Art
ASRO, KU Leuven

EU/FP7, Marie Curie, multi-ITN


Recent activities:

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