Not Quite 100

Duration: 2010

Project Description:

Not Quite 100 is a design research project where media, design, and psychiatry students design for and with people with schizophrenic symptoms. One in 100 people develop schizophrenia at some point in their life, yet what happens within the walls of mental health is often kept from society. In this project, designers from various disciplines collaborate with experts (health professionals and people with schizophrenic symptoms) to confront one of the most stigmatized phenomena of our society.

Each design team worked with caregivers and people with schizophrenia in twelve psychiatric wards. For the design research we chose Cultural Probes. The Probe returns were used to inspire concepts for media designs, further developed in an iterative process involving staff and respondents.

Each project of Not Quite 100 aims to translate the experiences of people with schizophrenic symptoms in media designs to better meet their desires; or contribute to a more nuanced image of their lives.

Website: Not Quite 100 website

Team members from CUO | Social Spaces:
Jessica Schoffelen, Sanne Jansen

research group Social Spaces (MAD-Faculty)
KHLim, department of Health Care
CERA Foundation

CERA Foundation
Provincie Limburg


Jansen, S. & Schoffelen, J. (2011) ‘Not quite 100’. A description of design with people with schizophrenic symptoms. Cumulus Working Papers, Genk 25/10, Publication Series G: Aalto University School of Art and Design, pp. 56-60

Recent activities:

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