Open Garments

Duration: September 2008 – September 2011

Project Description:

Open Garments, funded by the European commission seventh framework program (FP 7- NMP), is a reseach project on user empowerment in the European clothing sector. The user is given direct influence in the way his or her garment is designed and configured. An online environment enables one to collaboratively take up the role of a designer, producer and sales person.

The Open Garments project consists of two levels. The first one is called Open Innovation. From a user perspective, this means the user can take up the role of a designer, producer and sales person. The Open Innovation concept gives way for talented, but non -yet- professional fashion designers to individually and collectively design clothing. The collaboration with others would not only work inspirational (share, comment on, alter,… designs), but also empowers the individual to join virtual fashion collectives. The second level of user empowerment refers to the concept of Open Manufacturing in which the user acts as the physical producer for sewing or finishing the garments.

The research group Social Spaces provides for qualitative user research, develops the online community framework and leads the user testing on usability & sociability.

Website: Open Garments website

Team members from CUO | Social Spaces:
Niels Hendriks, Katrien Dreessen, Selina Schepers

Research group Social Spaces (MAD-Faculty)
For other partners, see: consortium

European Seventh Framework Programme (FP7)


Recent activities:

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