UseWell! roadmap for user-centered design

Duration: February 2010 – February 2011

Project Description:

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UseWell! roadmap for user-centered design explores user-centered design methods. Existing roadmaps will be mapped, compared and investigated on their possibilities in theory and practice. UseWell! will give an overview of the known, most recent and innovative user-centered design tools used in academic institutes and companies in Belgium (Flanders) and the Netherlands and report how these tools are used in a specific context.

Sharing the knowledge from both an academic and corporate context can initiate an elaborate community of practice. Usewell! will visualise gathered data and design a new roadmap for companies and academic institutes.

Website: UseWell! website

Team members from CUO | Social Spaces:
Liesbeth Huybrechts, Andrea Wilkinson, Priscilla Machils, Helena Bijnens, David Geerts, Jeroen Vanattenhoven

Project partners:
Social Spaces Research Group (KHLim)
Centre for User Experience Research (KULeuven)
Flanders InShape



Vanattenhoven, J. , Geerts, D. & Wilkinson, Andrea (2011, ). UCD practice in SMEs – an explorative study in Flanders. 1st European Workshop on HCI Design and Evaluation – The influence of domains (pp. 97-102). Cyprus: IRIT Press, Toulouse, France.

Recent activities:

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