Andrea Wilkinson

Andrea Wilkinson (USA) has been lecturing in design for the past 10 years. Before moving to Belgium in 2010, she was Senior Lecturer and Graphic Design coordinator at the Waikato Institute of Technoloy in Hamilton, New Zealand and since 2010 she has been lecturing and researching at the MAD-faculty (KHLIM/PHL) in Hasselt and Genk, Belgium. As a designer, artist, educator and writer, she works across discipline and media, using design as a verb (the act of designing) instead of merely as a noun (the end result). Originally working with print-based graphic design and layout, a wider interpretation of design has allowed her to respond both individually and collaboratively across a wide range of (new) media and contexts. Her current research interests include narrative-based typography, interfaces, design for healthcare (ie. people with dementia and their care-givers), urban actions/social design and cross-discipline education.

Currently she is working on the AToM project and her completed projects include Usewell.

In 2012 she launched a book, Keep Delete. Keep Delete is a project about turning digital messages into artifacts. Including more than a hundred designed artifacts from designers, students and artists from around the world and essays from designers reflecting on the relationship between design and digital communication, Keep Delete is both an archive and a nudge of encouragement for readers to keep the messages that are wanting to be kept. For more information visit: