Marije Nouwen


Marije Nouwen is a researcher at CUO|Social Spaces. She is working on two projects involving ethnographic research with children. The first one, RAGASI builds on insights gathered in Wanagogo (with a focus on digital media use of children) and focuses on stakeholder requirements for parental mediation tools. Related topics are diary study, parental mediation and value sensitive design. The second project, MELoDiA, involves understanding of children’s motivations in music learning. This understanding will contribute to the development of a music application.

Marije holds a Professional Bachelor degree in Communication Management and a Master degree in Social and Cultural Anthropology. She has dedicated her thesis to the exploration of ethnographic research for profit organizations. For this, she did an internship with Philips Design where she was introduced to the principles of design research. Before joining CUO|Social Spaces she worked at InSites Consulting where she gained experience with online qualitative research.