Ollivier Piqueray

Ollivier Piqueray grew up in a farmer’s environment where the mentality ‘No new things, we make\fix everything ourselves’ was very much a lifestyle. During his youth, he spend a lot of his time at the metal belt where he transformed an old rack into a bed. This was a trigger for his feeling for design and aesthetics, which he further developed during his education as a Product Designer at the MAD-Faculty in Genk. His first professional experience was at Kanefas (furniture), where he learned old as well as new techniques of woodwork. In Slovenia, he did an internship at Gigo Design, where he further developed his design experiences. He worked as a designer at the Kringloopwinkel, where he was cofounder of ResourceLab. The project revolves around making designs by sheltered workshop using materials and products that are gather by the Kringloopwinkel. Currently, he’s working on a project on the redesign of open tools for self-management for people with diabetes. In his spare time he can be found in his atelier in Antwerp.