Demos of AToM and ALADIN at iMinds The Conference

Posted by Karin Slegers on Friday November 29th 2013 at 17:49

At the annual conference of iMinds, iMinds The Conference, the results of two of our health-related projects will be demonstrated.

AToMThe demo of the AToM project consists of a smartphone app and a tablet app for dementia caregivers. These apps give caregivers access to dynamic meal information (e.g. diets, medication, need for assistance, but also personal preferences and recommendations) and to evaluate the meal experience, generating feedback for future meals.

ALADINThe ALADIN demo is a 3D, interactive home environment that is operated with an assistive voice control system. It shows how people with physical disabilities can use speech to open doors and window blinds, or rely on a customized touch screen interface that offers maximal efficiency and ease-of-use.

In total, more than 40 demos will be showcased and the conference program includes several interesting international speakers. Please check out the full program at the conference’s website, where you can also register to attend.

Workshop on participatory design for persons with impairments at Interact 2013

Posted by Karin Slegers on Thursday April 11th 2013 at 15:48

Are you interested in participatory design and do you work with users with impairments? We organize a workshop on participatory design for persons with cognitive or sensory impairments at Interact 2013 in Cape Town, South Africa. This workshop will be held on Tuesday September 3rd.

Workshop on participatory design for users with impairments

Involving people with impairments in the design process is very challenging, especially when impairments affect cognitive functions or communication. People with such impairments may have substantial problems with thought processes and communication, including understanding abstractions, sequencing thoughts and actions, understanding symbols, and interpreting social cues. Many participatory design techniques are based on these processes and are therefore not usable, or need to be adjusted for people with impairments.

Workshop aims

This workshop aims to exchange experiences with participatory design techniques that were designed for, or adapted to people with impairments. Since many of these techniques are highly focused on specific target groups, a further aim is to extract general principles and to generate guidelines for involving users with impairments in the design process.

Who should attend?

Researchers and designers who have been involved in one or more design-oriented project(s) involving users with impairments are invited to participate. After this workshop, a call for papers will be launched for a special issue (on the topic of the workshop) of the journal CoDesign.

Important dates

  • May 15: application deadline
  • May 24: notification of acceptance
  • September 3: workshop date
  • September 4 to 6: Interact main conference

Further information & contact

Please visit our project website for the workshop’s programme and to apply for the workshop: For more information and questions, please contact Karin Slegers:

We hope to see you in Cape Town in September!

Social SpacesICUO at Conflict & Design, 7th Triennial for Design in Flanders 2013

Posted by Selina Schepers on Wednesday March 6th 2013 at 14:02

‘Conflict & Design, 7th Triennial for Design in Flanders 2013′ is “is an investigation into the social relevance of design and the role and responsibility of designers in our society. This Triennial presents concepts, projects, objects and processes which are primarily developed within relatively new developments in design such as user-centered design, social design, participation design, process design, sustainable design, ethical design etc.”

Social SpacesICUO, together with FabLab Genk and other partners, will organise several workshops at ‘Conflict & Design, 7th Triennial for Design in Flanders 2013′. Specifically, on Thursday, March 28, we will organise a workshop on the (re)use of waste materials (in the setting of FabLab Genk) (workshop 6) and on design together with persons with cognitive or sensory impairments (workshop 7). The workshop will take place in Genk. So if you’re in the neighborhood, be sure to come and visit us!

For more information (and to register for the workshop(s)), see:

Presentations Social Spaces research module

Posted by Selina Schepers on Wednesday January 23rd 2013 at 14:17

On January 23th, Master-students of the Media, Arts & Design faculty presented their results of the Social Spaces research module at LUCA School of Arts:

Workshop: PD for cognitive impairments @PDC’12

Posted by Selina Schepers on Thursday August 30th 2012 at 14:18

PDC workshop on cognitive impairmentsOn Sunday the 12th of August we (Karin Slegers, Pieter Duysburg, Helma van Rijn & Niels Hendriks) organised a workshop on participatory design on cognitive impairments (full title: Participatory Design for Users with Impairments Affecting Cognitive Functions and Communication Skills. Now that’s a mouthfull.) We received submissions/applications for more or less 15 participants working with target groups such as aphasia, dementia, autism, depression,… and using a variety of participatory methods.

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