CiCi projectlaunch, ‘Cultivating Communities Haspenwood’

Posted by Selina Schepers on Monday February 24th 2014 at 09:41

The project ‘Cultivating Communities Haspengouw’, a part of Ben Hagenaars‘ doctoral project ‘Cultivating Communities‘, was featured during the CiCi projectlaunch:

‘Cultivating Communities’ in ‘Research in Flanders’

Posted by Selina Schepers on Wednesday January 8th 2014 at 09:53

‘Cultivating Communities’ was featured in the following article of ‘Research in Flanders’:

Schermafbeelding 2014-04-14 om 10.57.47

Read the full article here:

‘Design op Maat’ and ‘Cultivating Communities Haspengouw’ at Conflict & Design (De Weekkrant 2)

Posted by Selina Schepers on Wednesday December 11th 2013 at 09:45

Several of Social Spaces’ project were featured at the ‘Conflict and Design’ design triennial (15 December 2013 – 9 March 2014, Genk). This article, published in ‘De Weekkrant 2′, mentions ‘Design op Maat‘ and ‘Cultivating Communities Haspengouw‘:


Uitnodiging Resource Map Haspengouw

Posted by Ben Hagenaars on Thursday June 20th 2013 at 16:13

Uitnodiging Resource Map Haspengouw from Ben Hagenaars on Vimeo.

Onderzoeksgroep Social Spaces van MAD-faculty Genk en Haspenwood nodigen u van harte uit om deel te nemen aan het project “Resource Map”. Een serie van workshops waarin appelhout uit de regio Haspengouw onderzocht wordt als een duurzame grondstof voor de productie van nieuwe producten, diensten en systemen.

Social SpacesICUO at Conflict & Design, 7th Triennial for Design in Flanders 2013

Posted by Selina Schepers on Wednesday March 6th 2013 at 14:02

‘Conflict & Design, 7th Triennial for Design in Flanders 2013′ is “is an investigation into the social relevance of design and the role and responsibility of designers in our society. This Triennial presents concepts, projects, objects and processes which are primarily developed within relatively new developments in design such as user-centered design, social design, participation design, process design, sustainable design, ethical design etc.”

Social SpacesICUO, together with FabLab Genk and other partners, will organise several workshops at ‘Conflict & Design, 7th Triennial for Design in Flanders 2013′. Specifically, on Thursday, March 28, we will organise a workshop on the (re)use of waste materials (in the setting of FabLab Genk) (workshop 6) and on design together with persons with cognitive or sensory impairments (workshop 7). The workshop will take place in Genk. So if you’re in the neighborhood, be sure to come and visit us!

For more information (and to register for the workshop(s)), see:

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