Future Formers Free Festival

Posted by Selina Schepers on Tuesday April 17th 2012 at 11:21

The Future Formers project will have a final showcase of the five resulting artworks (see this previous post for more information) on Saturday May 5 at Kolonel Dussartplein in Hasselt. To celebrate the end of the project, they also organize a free festival on the same day!

Check http://www.facebook.com/events/350821154970618/ for a detailled program of the day.


Photo: Future Formers-work in progress (foto by Olivier Constant)

Creating Spaces & Future Formers @ e-culture fair 2011!

Posted by Selina Schepers on Monday October 17th 2011 at 11:33

Two of our projects namely Creating Spaces and Future Formers are selected for the e-culture fair 2011. This fair aims to showcase a diverse selection of Flemish e-culture projects concerning digital heritage, user participation, gamification, edutainment, the internet-of-things, open source collaboration and innovation etc.

The event will be held at the Ethias arena in Hasselt, on wednesday 16 and thursday 17 november. The e-culture fair aims at everyone who is curious about the digital culture of today and tomorrow. It is a unique chance to discover en try out projects, and to meet developers, project managers and designers. So if you would like to explore our multi-touch table or view some artworks resulting from the Future Formers project, come and visit us at the fair!

Future Formers: press conference

Posted by Selina Schepers on Tuesday April 5th 2011 at 11:53

On March 28th, Social Spaces – together with the other project partners – organized a press conference on the current project “Future Formers”. Future Formers is the winning concept of the “GO 2030” competition and will be developed in five cities in Limburg (B): Beringen, Genk, Hasselt, Overpelt and Sint-Truiden. The youth of these cities – together by a coaching designer or artist – will translate their vision on the future in an artistic production (which will also address the problems and possibilities of public space in the city). By building on each other’s adaptions to a common design, the youth of the cities will create a collective Gesamtkunstwerk.

The press conference took place at Cultuurcentrum Genk. During the conference, also the designers/artists that will be coaching the youth of the five cities were presented: Aifoon (Beringen), Daan Gielis (Genk), Gert de Clercq (Hasselt), Karl Philips (Sint-Truiden) and Peter Westenberg (Overpelt). Three skaters (Mathias Ricour, Michael Reyskens, Sander Thys) introduced the speakers and, with their skateboards, made sure the press conference went like planned.

Workshop on GO2030

Posted by Selina Schepers on Monday December 13th 2010 at 11:54

On Wednesday, 8th of December, we organised a workshop together with the NGO Eeland about their project Go 2030. Funded by the P&V Foundation, this project aims to present the world of 2030 through the eyes of the youth. What better way to do it than through art? The project will involve 5 cities in Limburg, and each youth group will be guided by an artist who will help them translate their story into an artwork. In the end, the 5 works will come together in a “gesamtkunstwerk”.

The purpose of the workshop on Wednesday was to define the project’s creative concept together with the partners (Z33, Stichting P&V, FLACC, Villa Basta, Media Lab, Social Spaces). We created a bunch of visual cards that related more or less to the concept of future and, after splitting them into 2 groups, we asked the participants to choose 25 cards that envision the future. Common themes were chosen between the groups, such as pollution and ecology, the importance of innovation, the diffusion of virtuality in our daily lives, the idea of the Big Brother..