The NXT_SLEEP project in 3 minutes

Posted by Bert Vandenberghe on Friday December 5th 2014 at 16:13

This video explains the motive, results, and future steps of the NXT_SLEEP project.

NXT_SLEEP focuses on the development of a next-generation sleep monitoring platform from iMinds on Vimeo.

NXT_SLEEP at iMinds the conference

Posted by Bert Vandenberghe on Thursday October 23rd 2014 at 19:03

The NXT_SLEEP project was presented at iMinds the conference, the annual conference on digital innovation, targeted at researchers, developers, entrepreneurs, and company and policy decision makers. The project isn’t finished yet, but we were able to demo the sensors, the algorithm, and the user interface together.

VRT Nieuws made a report on the occasion of the conference, and picked our demo to illustrate how innovation in Flanders is used in health. The report can be found on their website: (in Dutch).

NXT_SLEEP presented at the VOKA Health Community congress

Posted by Bert Vandenberghe on Wednesday October 1st 2014 at 11:21

A few years ago, the NXT_SLEEP project consortium grew from the VOKA Health Community. Their annual congress focused on sleep this year, so this was the perfect occasion to present the preliminary results of the NXT_SLEEP project there. The technical innovations and business modeling were presented, as well as the progress on the user interface for the clinicians. We received some valuable feedback, as we are approaching the end of the project.

Read more on the congress on the VOKA Health Community website (in Dutch):
Slides can be found on Slideshare:

Iterative design of the NXT_SLEEP user interface

Posted by Bert Vandenberghe on Thursday August 28th 2014 at 17:42

We finished the design of the NXT_SLEEP user interface (UI) for clinicians. In the project, innovative sensors, a gateway, and algorithms deliver lots of information, which can now be presented in a meaningful way to the clinician through the UI.

The observations and workshop we organized gave us a good starting point for a first design of the UI. This first design mainly focused on the conceptual model behind it. We tested a paper prototype of our ideas at the university hospital of Antwerp with several clinicians. We also discussed some requirements and functionalities from a medical point of view with the responsible doctor.

NXT_SLEEP Prototype
One of the intermediate prototypes.

The feedback allowed us to redefine and refine the interface, and repeat the testing. For the second iteration we made a digital version of the interface, only with the basic interactions. After a third iteration, we came to a validated interface in the form of an interactive html prototype. This final design gives a good impression of the elements, layout, and behavior of the interface for the clinicians.

NXT_SLEEP workshop: Usage scenarios that embody our vision on future sleep research

Posted by Bert Vandenberghe on Wednesday January 15th 2014 at 20:09

Today, we brought together all partners of the NXT_SLEEP project to work out some realistic NXT_SLEEP usage scenarios.

Usage scenario workshop NXT_SLEEP

The user and task analysis was presented to all partners, because it provides a context for future design and development in the NXT_SLEEP project. Still, there was a distinct need for a clear vision on the future usage scenarios for the product(s). During the workshop, we elaborated some short-term, mid-term, and long-term NXT_SLEEP scenarios.

The user requirements and the outcome of this workshop enable us to start working on the user interface for the NXT_SLEEP software that embodies our vision on future sleep research.

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